How to Write a Book in 2021!

Here’s a simple equation to remember: Action = Reaction.

You can motivate yourself by taking Action.

Even if you do not feel motivated at the moment.

Here’s one more thing to remember: Less = More.

Because “Less” is more doable than “More”.

It’s easier to do “Less” than it is to do “More”.

You don’t need to write for a long time to see results in a short amount of time.

When you write for five minutes per day, you will see firsthand how your writing becomes exponential.

One page becomes two, two becomes four, then four becomes eight.

Just like drinking an extra glass of water per day, walking an extra one-half mile lap around the block, saving $10 per day can all add up in a short amount of time. In one week’s time, you will have consumed an extra 7 glasses of water, walked an extra 3.5 miles, and saved $70.

These results will motivate you to do “More”.

But, if you cannot, remember that “Less” is still superior to “More.”

That’s because “Less” breeds consistency.

So, write for at least five minutes per day to acheive “Consistency”.

Because, Consistency = Results

Writing for five minutes per day for one week will:

1. Clear Your Mind (Clarity)

2. Sharpen Your Focus (Focus)

3. Help You To Begin Discovering Your Story (Discover)

Writing for five minutes per day for one week will make you want to write “More”. But, if you can’t write “More”, write “Less”. Just be consistent with the “Less”.